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Best Shaft For R1

If you are the person who is passionate about playing golf, then you must know the importance of the flex of the shaft. Do you know that the flexibility of your shaft is responsible for the speed and accuracy of your swing? The golfer needs to ensure that their driver shafts are suitably selected to get the required speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Before we move further, it is advisable first to understand what a shaft is!

What is a Shaft?

A shaft is a long, tapering tube, connecting the golfer’s hand to the clubhead. It lies in the middle of the club between the grip and the clubhead. The grip covers the top while the bottom part of the shaft is inserted in the clubhead. Different factors of the shaft, such as the length, torque, weights, flex, kick point, and alignment, determine the performance of the golf club. Thus, the golfer must keep in mind the demands regarding the factors of the shaft while purchasing it. 

Now the question arises which driver shaft is the best, as there are different varieties of driver shafts available in-store or online shop. So here is the article for all the answers, wherein we have described the best driver shafts, with their pros and cons.

Best Shaft For R1

The R1 driver has three main components – head, shaft, and grip. Apart from other drivers, it has the benefit of movable weights in the head, adjustable face and tip to optimize distance and accuracy. We have listed a few suitable best shafts for R1 Driver.

1. Aldila VS Proto 60 Stiff Shaft For R1Aldila VS Proto 60

This driver shaft is best for high spin players. As it is made from a micro laminate technology with carbon nanotubes, it has high stability. Also, the flex of the shaft is stiff, which helps to get faster swing speed. It is also a low torque shaft, which produces a little higher trajectory than the standard Aldila NV. The biggest advantage of this shaft is that it is a customizable shaft, made from graphite and is installed with a TaylorMade R1 grip and an adaptor.

Based on the manufacturer’s exact measurements and the necessity of the user, the shaft can be customized. It also allows the players to accomplish lower and stronger ball flights.

  • It is easily customized based on the necessity of the user.
  • It has a TaylorMade R1 grip, which is a perfect grip.
  • It is presumed that Aldila Brand creates a high-quality shaft.
  • Anyone can use it, as it is designed as per the standard driver length.
  • The wrench is not included, so extra charges for the wrench have to be incurred.
  • As it takes a minimum of one day for shipping, you will not get the shaft immediately.

2. Project X PVX R Flex ShaftProject X PVX R

This shaft is very convenient for beginners, learners, and also for right-hand players. It is light in weight and durable. Its length is 44.25″. It is made up of graphite material and custom assembled using a sleeve adaptor to fit the TaylorMade R1 driver head. It is thinner, softer, and lighter than other shafts available in the market. The Preassembling of the shaft is done in a proper way to avoid bent. 

  • Due to its right length, it ensures proper ball flight
  • It is not too costly. It gives an excellent result with a minimum swing.
  • It gives an easy and quick installation experience as it is already preassembled.
  • Due to its solid assembly, it cannot deteriorate or loosen.
  • The weight of the shaft is uncertain
  • The grip is a little bit rough but gets smoothen with regular usage.

3. Project X LZ Regular Flex Driver ShaftProject X LZ Regular

This shaft is manufactured by True Temper – an ideal replacement to fit any R15, M2, M1, jet speed, SLDR, or R1 driver. It is preferably an adaptation for the R1 shaft. It is 44.25″ in length and 1 pound in weight. A Karma velvet grip is provided with this shaft. This shaft has a high smash factor, enormous consistency, and outstanding ball speed. The only disadvantage of this shaft is that it is not preassembled, and one has to put screws before using it. 

  • This shaft is an ideal replacement for all Stage 2, R15, Jetspeed, M1, M2, or R1 drivers.
  • It features the Loading Zone technology.
  • Due to the provision of Karma velvet grip, a user can have a smooth experience.
  • It has an ideal length of 44.25″ and gives enhanced stability and feel
  • This shaft is a medium spin and medium launching shaft.
  • It doesn’t break because of the rough usage, as it is highly durable.
  • It is not a preassembled shaft, so one has to put screws and wrench

4. Fujikura Vista Pro 55 R Flex ShaftFujikura Vista Pro

Fujikura Vista Pro 55 R Flex shaft is the best in the market. It is made up of high-grade graphite material and is a good option for beginners. The driver comes with the Fujikura technologies – CAGE and has maximum fiber content that ensures high performance and stability. The technology used makes it stiff and adds strength to it. This shaft is light in weight and thin compared to the other shafts available in the market. It is excellent for covering large distances and provides moderate to high spin. 

  • It uses premium technology and design aesthetics.
  • Easily customizable according to the necessity of the user
  • It has high stability and can cover a great distance.
  • High launch and moderate to high spin.
  • Less suitable for power golfers
  • It has a few distractive designs.

5. ALDILA NVS 55 Shaft For R1ALDILA NVS 55 

Aldila NVS 55 is a graphite shaft installed with a TaylorMade R1 shaft adapter. The Aldila NVS 55 offers improved performance and experience to the players as it has the NexGen Micro-Laminate Technology. It has a thin and tapered profile that provides consistent performance and a good option for right-handed players. It is also equipped with a standard size Velvet rubber grip for improved handling. It gives high spin and higher ball flight.

  • It is made up of NexGen Micro-Laminate Technology. (MLT)
  • It offers improved performance and experience.
  • If you are looking for something extra, it’s consistency will shock you.
  • The thin and tapered profile of this product is a cherry on the cake.
  • It promotes higher ball flight and spin.
  • The ball speed is less compared to other shafts.
  • It takes a minimum of one day for delivery, and hence immediate delivery is not possible.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article helps you to make your next purchase of driver shaft easy. Few key points to be kept in mind while shopping are;

  1. Steel shafts were preferred in the past, but graphite is more popular and in-demand nowadays.
  2. The lighter and thinner shaft provides a better spin to your game.
  3. Your swing style will play more roles to determine your flexibility of the shaft.

We have listed the best driver shafts for R1 along with their features, pros, and cons, which make them a great pick. These products have been filtered based on our understanding and research. 

However, since every golfer has its style of play, it will depend on each individual to make the right choice. Now that you have got a fair idea of choosing the right shaft for your golfing needs, go ahead, choose wisely, and play your game efficiently. 🙂

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