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Do golf balls go bad or expire

Hello golf lovers, I know you all must have searched a lot about the life expectancy of the golf balls and its shelf-life. Well, some might have got, and some didn’t as there is no accurate answer around to this question. Now that you have come to the right place, you will surely get all your answers here. According to the golf professor, when you store a golf ball under 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it lasts forever. It is entirely true, but yes, another side of the coin is that the performance will not last forever. It is very obvious that one cannot keep an object for life. You can keep the golf balls as it is but can’t expect the same performance after 100 years. It will give the same performance when stored for a decade. Read out the article on whether the golf balls expire or not? 

Do golf balls go bad ?

Two-piece Golf Balls:

Two-piece Golf Balls

These surely stay for a lifetime. The two-piece golf balls have a solid rubber core as the first layer and a plastic cover. If you want to store these two-piece golf balls, then you won’t see any difference in performance for 7 to 10 years. These are specially designed for golfers and have high handicaps, so naturally, they produce more distance when the swing speed is low or medium paced.  So you can come to a conclusion by saying that two-piece golf balls have a life expectancy of 10 years. It expires are 10 years but also can be stored for a lifetime.

Three-piece Golf Balls: 

Three-piece Golf Balls

Three-piece golf balls are considered to have more life expectancy as compared to two-piece golf balls. Professional golf players generally prefer to have three-piece golf balls. They have an outer covering of solid rubber with a liquid center and elastic windings. Also, they have a balata cover to keep the balls stronger and tighter. Thus as per research and study, it is proven that three-piece golf balls expire late. The probability is more for them and can live for 12 years without going bad. 

Storage System:

how long do golf balls last

If you have ever heard the rumor that storing golf balls in the refrigerator increases the lifespan. Then let me tell you that it is a myth and a proper disaster. You should not store the balls in the refrigerator or freezer for years. Storing them in the freezer will never preserve their freshness and compression. But I will also agree that playing with a cold golf ball can surely sap the normal distance drives. Here, storing for the long run is not recommended. If you are a cold ball fan, then store for some time and use it. Do not keep it for a longer run. You can keep the golf ball in a cool and dry place to last them long. Any golf ball can be stored for more than seven years easily only if they are stored away from the scorching heat. Thus keeping them at normal cold room temperature will help. So your home is the best place for your golf balls to store safely. 

To be Noted:

You must be feeling that as per written in the article that the golf balls can be stored for a decade at least without losing performance. Yes, it is completely true, but it may also happen that these balls may not perform well when you take them at the golf course for the real match. If you have noticed carefully, the golf ball manufacturers always maintain the cutting edge method for best performance. So if you are playing today, you need a ball that is made in recent times and not the decade earlier one. Time is running, we are coping up well with the new technology, and so you should be doing with the golf balls too. As you are most likely to skip out some really good technological improvements in the new batch of balls.


The question that is asked first at the beginning of the article was ‘Do golf balls go bad or expire’? So the answer is yes, they go bad and expire after several years, depending on the factors discussed above. You can store the balls at cool and dry places for years, and they might not affect the performance too. But I would recommend the users who are regular golf players; you should not store the balls. Keeping it for a year or two is more than enough. Unless you have a hobby of collecting golf balls or working for a museum or something, you should not store the balls for future playtime. A real golf player will always look up to the improved technology balls and not the old ones. That is all; I hope that you must have gathered all the information that I have stated in this article. Also, it will help you in making your decisions.

skip out some really good technological improvements in the new batch of balls.

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