Best Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders – Top Rated Sticks of 2020

Best Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

If you are a hockey player, a beginner or a professional, hockey has all your heart! I assume that you live for your game and don’t want to compromise with anything related to it. Like most sports, the quality of the equipment is one of the most critical factors of your field hockey game. You must have the best and most appropriate hockey stick. Thus, you should choose it according to your height and field position. 

However, choosing the right hockey stick is a slow process. If you are a learner, first, you have to try as many sticks as you can to understand which stick suits you the best! You can also borrow a few sticks from your coach or seniors initially. The reason for this is that each stick works differently. Even when the sticks appear the same, they act different depending on the player’s position and personal preferences.

Before going through the list of best hockey sticks for midfielders. first, check out these important factors.

Position of a Player 

Several factors affect the purchase of hockey sticks. Player’s position is an important one. You can either be a defender, midfielder, forward, or an aerial player, you need different hockey stick. The place where you play may help you to decide the most appropriate type of stick to consider. In this article, I am narrowing down some options of field hockey sticks for midfielders.

What Does a Midfielder Do?

Midfielders are responsible for controlling the ball. They first tackle the opponents and control the ball. Then, they deliver it safely to the attackers. These attackers are there to put the ball again in back of the net. They also try to score by themselves sometimes. Basically, they try to stop their opponent from advancing down the field.

Midfielders play with the defense and the offense. Thus, they need a lightweight stick which can speed up the process. It should also offer the necessary precision to tackle the ball. They must have better than the best passing skills to defeat the opponent. 

Always remember that the wrong stick is not only inhibiting your play but can also cause pain in your back and wrists. It is essential to take care of that thing which is taking care of us. Before buying good field hockey sticks, you should consider the following features;

  • Level
  • Position
  • Size
  • Toe Design
  • Bow
  • Composition
  • Weight

Best Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

Amongst many sticks, choose a stick which has the midi toe. The midi toe can provide a well-balanced feel that’s great for all around stick skills. Being a midfielder, your stick must be capable enough to reverse stick work. Midi toe provides a medium sized cute spot to control the ball and pass it to the other player.  A standard or mid bow size (19 – 23mm) is recommended for midfielders.

1. Grays Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

Grays Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

Composition plays a vital role to choose a midfielder’s hockey stick. This stick is made from the fiberglass and mulberry wood. Light and thin construction of the stick provides a fantastic touch and make it sturdy.

Features and Specifications

  • It is most convenient to new players and beginners at the position of midfielders. It works best to tackle the defendant controlling the ball.
  • There are several sizes available online starting from 24 inches to 36 inches. You can choose it, considering the player’s height.
  • The handle is made from Thermo rubber, which provides ultimate control over the hockey stick. It adds value and enhanced durability.
  • It is lightweight and yet strong enough to stand up to anything you throw at it. The Maxi toe technology can give hitting power to the Midi toe.
  • It also includes shock absorbing fibers. This type of stick is ideal for new or young players. The fibers can improve first touch control and help the newbies.
  • This hockey stick is excellent for drag flicks and reverse stick control.
  • Ultrabow blade profile offers a perfect bow along the length of the handle and blade.

 2. TK Total Three 3.6 Innovate Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

TK Total Three 3.6 Innovate Field Hockey

TK Total Three series takes motivation from the Total One and Total Two series. This stick is specially designed for players who are looking for high-performance sticks with the most competitive prices. Materials used in the making of TK a total of three field hockey sticks are 50% carbon, 10% aramid, and 40% fiberglass. Carbon can give harder hits and more power. Now you can assume how excellent this composition is!

Key Features and Specifications

  • There are two sizes available. In which, the smaller one is 35.5 inches, and another is an inch longer that is 36.5. 
  • You will get two color options for your best Midfielders’ hockey stick. You can choose between the all-time favorite color, black or blue.
  • The perfect combination of materials offers the construction for a softer touch and more control when receiving the ball.
  • TK midfielders stick features Advanced Matrix Construction Technology. This blend offers more power, incredible feel, and higher potential output.
  • This stick is an all-rounder. It is designed with the 25mm apex moved slightly towards the head of the stick, which allows the player to perform well in all aspects. It assists a 360 degrees skillset and provides an evenly balanced feel.
  • The Aramid content reduces the level of vibration while hitting or receiving the ball. This feature makes this stick perfect for any beginner.
  • The precise head shape creates sharper angles. It has a lower thickness of the head, which helps you with all areas of gameplay.
  • As a midfielder, you need to control the stick and be the power-packed performer to clear the ball. TK sticks can help you with that in the best possible manner.

3. STRYK Burst Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

STRYK Burst Field Hockey Stick

This hockey stick is designed specifically to make the game easier and more fun. If you are a newbie and want to develop your basic skills, then this Midfielder stick is perfect for you. Because of the wood construction, this stick is durable and long-lasting. It also allows you to easily control. 

Features and Specifications

  • There are two sizes available – 30 inches and 33 inches. You can choose the size according to your height. Also, there are two color shades available – blue and pink.
  • Its wooden construction assures power, strength, and durability. It is designed to reduce rebound. STRYK provides a forgiving touch and excellent control!
  • A 20mm bow and Midi head give the stick versatility. So, it is ideal for all those players who are new or developing their necessary skills in the game. 
  • It works well at any position while the Midi Toe provides a large hitting surface to improve ball striking.
  • It is lightweight. It weighs only 460 grams, which means any young players can also learn their game with this beautiful hockey Midfielders stick.
  • It is recommended to use the STRYK hockey stick by the midfielders, but that doesn’t mean that other players can’t use it. This stick works for any position in the field.

 4. CranBarry Phoenix Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

CranBarry Phoenix Field Hockey Stick

The best part about CranBarry is that it provides many choices when it comes to the sizes. There are several sizes available from 28 inches to 38 inches. So even if your height is under 4’2” or more than 5’9”, you can get your hockey stick from here.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The stick is reinforced with carbon and fiberglass. Sticks with more carbon content work best for professional players. Fiberglass is able to make a stick that can give the best performance.
  • It is a light in weight, which makes it more forgiving. But, even after being lightweight, it offers excellent durability. 
  • It is designed with premium striking power and stiffness. Lighter weight and power-packed striking range make it perfect for young players.
  • Its paint-splattered design is eye-catching. Anyone can find you even in the crowd because of its fantastic appearance.
  • It works great for reverse stick control and drag flicks, which makes it considerable for beginners.
  • There is also a one year manufacturer’s warranty provided by the company. There are very few brands available online which offer a warranty on hockey sticks!                                           

 5. STX Field Hockey Hammer 700 Stick for Midfielders

STX Field Hockey Hammer 700

There are three different sizes manufactured by STX field hockey hammer. You can choose the stick from 35, 36, and 37 inches. It is a sharp stick if you are looking for a balanced, sturdy stick. Also, you may know that STX manufactures fantastic sticks for any level player, starting from beginner to elite.

Features and Specifications

  • It is designed to be robust and sturdy. Hockey players find STX field hockey hammer stick a great one, as it is not too heavy and not too light.
  • It is easy to use on the field, defensive, and competent to control the ball as it is made from 95% of carbon and 5% aramid.
  • It features a mega bow, maxi toe, and karakal grip. Even if it has a maxi toe, it works best for the midfielders. You can check out the review of midfielders if you have any doubts.
  • It works great for all positions on the field. It can control the ball on grass as well as turf.
  • The hammer line is built for strength, persistence, and sturdiness on the field. It makes a powerful force on the team.

 6. Pwest Varsity Wooden Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

The composition includes carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, and wood. The more carbon a stick has, the more power it can provide. Nowadays, manufacturers generally use fiberglass and not wood to make a hockey stick. But this particular stick is made from the wood and covered in fiberglass. 

Features and Specifications

  • Wooden sticks wrapped in fiberglass can be the best source of strength and power. Thus, Pwest is one of the best field hockey sticks amongst this top list.
  • It has a maxi toe which allows for a longer hitting surface. It can also be used for midi toe, which makes it irreplaceable for midfielders. 
  • The bow’s size of this hockey stick is 22mm, and it weighs approx 20 ounces. A stick which is not too light or not to heavy benefits both maneuvers.
  • The kit includes a free practice ball.
  • This stick is composed of a combination of carbon, kevlar, and fiberglass, which make it forgiving and more comfortable. 

7. STX Field Hockey Stallion 400 Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders

Either if you are an intermediate field hockey player or a midfielder, you can use STX field hockey stick.Whether you are playing on the ground, on the grass, or the turf, you will feel very comfortable using this stick. STX Field Hockey Stallion 400 Field Hockey Stick is one of the best Midfielders stick for any newcomer as well as a seasoned player.

Features and Specifications

  • There are two sizes available. One is 36.5 inches long, and the other one is around 37.5 inches. Choose according to your height or field preferences.
  • It features a 20mm standard bow.
  • A stick’s toe is curved and designed to help a player strikes the ball. This stick is designed with the midi toe. 
  • The composition includes 50% Fiberglass, 45% Carbon, and 5% aramid. It makes the stick lightweight, sturdy, durable, and robust.

So, these were the top field hockey sticks, useful to the midfielders and the beginners. You should try or use each one and then decide which suits you the best! It’s an investment for sure. But when you are there on the hockey ground playing to win, all these things will matter the most. And also, practice like you have never won, and play as you have never lost!

How to Choose a Field Hockey Stick

How to Choose a Field Hockey Stick

After reading this detailed product review, you may have figured out that there are many types of hockey sticks available in the market. To choose the best one among all is quite a challenging task, especially when you don’t have any clue what you should consider at the time of purchase. Keeping that reason in mind, I am trying to put together a complete guide that can help you to get what you are looking for! Let’s start with the factors to consider before selecting a stick.

Length of the Stick

There is no doubt that the length of the stick is extremely important to execute the hockey skills in a better way. When you are looking for the most suitable hockey stick, try to find one that comes up to the top of your hip bone. However, it also varies from person to person. Any hockey stick typically ranges between 24 inches to 38 inches of the length. If you get a slightly longer stick, it may improve your reach. On the flip side, the shorter sticks can help you with the handling skills. So, choose your purpose first and then decide the most suitable stick length for you.

Weight of the Stick

Field hockey sticks range between 400 grams and 700 grams in weight. This factor also depends on personal preference. If you are trying to get a perfect stick for a kid who is learning how to play hockey, then you have to choose lightweight sticks. Not only for the young players, but such sticks are also ideal for the attacking players. Lightweight sticks are designed for quicker backswing and stick skills. Talking about the heavy sticks, they are typically designed for defensive players. It helps to add power and distance to your hits. Heavy sticks are ideal for clearing balls and passing.

Materials Used in Composition

After reading this article thoroughly, now you know that the hockey sticks can be made of Carbon, Aramid, Fibreglass, and Wood. Each material has a different purpose. 

Carbon can provide stiffness. When a stick has a higher amount of Carbon, then it is more likely to give powerful shots. Less Carbon makes the process of trapping easier and improves control. Aramid makes the stick durable and long-lasting. It absorbs vibrations sent through the stick at the time of striking and receiving balls. 

Another material a hockey stick may contain is Fiberglass. It is popular to offer strength and durability to a stick. It is similar to Carbon but a bit less rigid and more economical. Apart from all these materials, some players still prefer to use wooden sticks. Wooden sticks improve control at the time of dribbling and receiving. A wooden stick is more economical even than the Fiberglass. According to me, it ideal for beginners. However, the experts advise that beginners should start with the lower levels of Carbon and then keep trying other sticks.


Grays, TK, STRYK, CranBarry, STX, etc. are the top brands of field hockey sticks. So you can choose whatever you want! As per my research, I suggest to go for Grays hockey sticks. Since 1855, it has been the choice of the world’s finest hockey players, including midfielders. This brand has launched many designed and won Best Sports Brand awards many times. It is also represented at the World Cup year after year. So, try to pick it first. But also, you should try each one before deciding the permanent one!

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