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If you are a golfer, professional or hobbyist, you would know about the confusion when selecting between Taylormade’s two of the best drivers- M1 and R15; when Taylormade launched the M1, a lot of people put to the test the M1 against the R15 to know which one is better. If you’re having your doubts about which driver to buy, this article will help you out with your selection. 

About M1 Taylormade Driver

About M1 Taylormade Driver

This driver had launched in 2015, and TaylorMade claimed it to be their longest driver ever. The materials used in its design and crown are of premium-quality, which gives it an inspiring look that a golfer would appreciate. Let’s take a super quick look at its main features listed below.

  • It features a redesigned T-track system with a longer track and more moveable weight.
  • The driver features a new 6-layer carbon crown and an additional carbon toe panel, and the 2017 M1 has 43% more carbon. 
  • Its design has also focused on a multi-material construction that saves weight that enables lower CG for the better launchung conditions and allows for an expanded T-track for improved adjustability. 
  • The 4-degree aluminum loft sleeve features 12 easy and adjustable settings to dial loft and face angle without you needing to go to a golf shop. 

The M1 driver is built for multi-material construction with personalized features and functions. 

About R15 Taylormade Driver

About R15 Taylormade Driver

Taylormade’s R15 driver was launched before the M1. Its flawless design and performance are ideal for experienced golfers and professionals. This driver will make it easy for you to drive straight and for long enough. Let’s have a quick review at its features.

  • The R15 features an Inverted Cone Technology that gives you an expanded sweet spot.
  • It also features a thick-thin casting for a low and forward center-of-gravity or CG.
  • It has a head size of 460cc and 45.5” of length. 
  • The material used in this drive is stainless steel and weighs about 0.5 pounds.

The R15 driver will help you cover seriously long-distance and high adjustability. This value for money driver has a lightweight head and has a Fujikura Speeder Evolution shaft. 

Which one is a better pick?

You are coming down to the main question, which one of the Taylormade drivers should you buy- the M1 or the R15? There are a few differences amongst both designs, as mentioned above. The M1 undoubtedly will help you cover a longer distance as Taylormade has stated that it is their longest driver ever. 

Another difference between the two is of the material used in their construction- M1 is made of aluminum while R15 is made of stainless steel. R15 is designed especially for experienced golfers, so if you are a novice or a learner, the R15 might not be the perfect fit for you. These deciding factors can help you choose the driver based on your needs and your level of experience. 

I hope this article would have been super helpful with your doubts and decisions.

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