How to string a lacrosse goal – Easy Steps for lacrosse net string

How to string a lacrosse goal

People often find it difficult to string a lacrosse net onto a goal post. Some of them do not follow the proper method of doing it while some do not choose the appropriate length of the tieing string. Though different approaches are used for stringing the net firmly on the goal, it is essential to know the right way to do it. And to help you with stringing a lacrosse goal, there are two step-by-step procedures stated below.

 But before looking at these procedures now how to build a lacrosse goal, let us go through the required materials and two methods that we will be discussing in this blog. 

Materials required for stringing a lacrosse net: 

  • Goal
  • Net
  • Zip ties
  • Lacing cord (String)

How to string a lacrosse goal

Either of the two methods can be used for stringing a lacrosse net on the goal to achieve the best results. And these two methods are:

Speed Lacing

Lock Lacing

Let’s go through the step-wise procedure for both the methods to help you understand the process better. 

lacrosse goal

Speed Lacing

In the speed lacing method, every square of the net is tied firmly with the goal post. This is a fast and easy process commonly used to string the lacrosse net onto the goal. To do this procedure, follow these five easy steps:

Step 1:

Select a lacing cord (string) of proper thickness, for example, string with the thickness of 6 mm is ideal for this procedure.

Step 2:

Proceed with fastening the string temporarily to the corners of the goal pipes with the help of a zip tie and adjust the net accordingly. This step is crucial for positioning the lacrosse net properly on the post. 

Step 3:

Now knot one end of the cord on the pipe as the net is fastened by the zip tie. This will act as a reference point from which further stringing process can be carried out. Usually, the stringing process is carried out from the top left or top right corner as we have to string the whole goal pipe.

Step 4:

In speed lacing, one needs to tie every square (hole) of the net with the goalpost. Tweak the string and pull it starting from the top corner and continue the same to the bottom of the post. Make sure that the string is wrapped across each square of the net so that the lacrosse net is tied firmly with the goalpost pipe.

Step 5:

Continue this process on all the four sides of the lacrosse net to complete stringing the lacrosse goal. 

Lock Lacing

In the Lock Lacing process, as the lacrosse net is firmly locked with the goalpost pipe and no-sag is observed in the grip even after 6-7 months. It is a time-consuming process but, at the same time, is the most effective process out there.

Following progressions should be followed to string a net with the help of this process.

Follow the same steps of the speed lacing method up to the third step and then proceed ahead with the remaining two steps, which makes this method effective and long-lasting. 

Step 4:

In lock lacing, follow the loop of the cord formed across the square of the net. Wrap the other end of the cord around the goal post and then take it out from the loop that was formed initially. 

As the whole cord is pulled out between the loop, one can knot it tightly around the post. It is the best method for overlocking the nets. The cord (string) is first looped and then wrapped from the other side of it. In this method, holes can also be wrapped alternately as the cord is firmly gripped.

Step 5:

Continue the fourth step till all the four sides of the lacrosse net are covered to spring the net on the goalpost. 

Concluding Remarks

Stringing a lacrosse goal might seem challenging but can be done with ease once you know how to do it. You can also ask your friends or family for help and string the net. And now if you are wondering which method to opt for, well I will make it easy for you:

Go with the first-speed lacing method if you want to string a lacrosse net easily in less time. But the drawback of this method is that the net starts sagging after 6-7 months. You can repeat the same procedure to string the net if you observe such a problem.

Or you can opt for the lock lacing method to firmly string the net on the goalpost. Although this method will take more time than the first one, there is no sagging seen in the net even after months. 

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