How to Sharpen Golf Club Grooves – Find Here the Easiest Way

How to Sharpen Golf Club Grooves

Playing golf is a great fun but keeping those grooves well is a task. Simply washing and cleaning them occasionally should not be the only thing you do to maintain them properly. The grooves are an essential part of the club and can majorly affect your overall performance. Sharpened grooves help with the backspin of the ball, and thus, it will make your shots more accurate and better. This article tells “How to sharpen Golf grooves the right way”.

How to Sharpen Golf Club Grooves

If you’ve got a club with dirt-filled or worn out grooves, need not worry! Buying new wedges every now and then can cost you a lot of money. Instead, sharpening them would surely be a better and more convenient way out. Here are a few ways by which you can sharpen your grooves: 

Use Groove Sharpener

There may be numerous tools available at your home using which you can sharpen your grooves. But the easiest and most appropriate way to do so is by using a groove sharpener. They are specially made in a certain way to do the job right. All that you have to take care about is not putting too much pressure on it and doing it quiet freely with your hands.Use groove sharpener

Steps About How a Groove Sharpener is Used

  • First, clean off all the dirt from your club before you start sharpening your grooves.
  • Rub the sharpener across the wedge slowly by holding the club firmly. Don’t apply extra pressure.
  • You can also use a lubricant to make the work smoother. You may start applying light pressure after 3-4 strokes. 
  • Continue doing this for around ten more minutes.
  • You can do this once in 10-15 rounds to keep them sharp and well- maintained. 

Get Help from a Professional

Taking professional advice to get your grooves sharpened might turn out to be costly. But you can do this once in a while. Getting them done by professionals is much better than trying it yourself, without you having an idea about it. You might end up ruining them, and then, you’ll have to buy new ones which will be even more costly. 

Club Maintenance 

When you maintain your golf clubs well, it will ensure that they remain good and sharpened for a longer duration. To take better care of your clubs and their grooves, you can wash them regularly with soapy water and plastic brush. Once done with cleaning, it is best to wipe out the water with a dry, cotton towel. 

While sharpening the grooves is important, it is equally necessary to keep the grip and the complete club well maintained. Any shot you aim to perform, it involves the action of the entire club, and thus any problem in any of the parts can turn out to be a hindrance. 

Therefore, you need to keep your club sharpened, clean and tidy to ensure its longer and better life. Next time, try cleaning and sharpening your golf club at home rather before you go to buy a new one! 

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